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Friday, 12 September 2014


time has flown by
and the black heads greyed
memories tolling up the mind
life has been a one way lane

the good the bad and the summers
have lived all the same
walking down the paths set long ago
learned and free yet reined and tamed

every evening returning back to the den
a day old but a decade aged
they say it's the chemicals acting
but deep down it's the alienation at work

I fancy meeting you somewhere,some time
you taking a moment to recognize me
the locks in your hair have gone grey
as the thing between you and me

The feeble cry pinches the ear
about an arm's length small
yet somehow it is supposed to rise
to live and fight, to love and to carry on

Monday, 7 July 2014

The Journey

The grey shades of my hollow past
getting me down to the dark roads
clutching me tightly around my neck
the dementors of my past feed upon me

I have been running away from them
running away from the demons within
looking for the faintest ray of light
plotting my escape from this purgatory

That golden beacon of light is too far
filtering through the prism of cobwebs
I can feel the warmth it spreads
The many colors dancing on my skin

A new morning has filled up the canvas
and with it I continue my run
for the bright light that guides me
and keeps the creatures in hiding

I have waited a long time now
the winged angel is yet to come
the hours have taken away my faith
All I see is a light within

The wind has started to feel pleasant
The road ahead seems smooth enough
I do not fear the road ahead
for I just need to keep moving

Tuesday, 13 May 2014


Sometimes I sit by  my window
head resting  against the sill
looking at the blank outside
rummaging the void within

Sometimes I just walk away
running off the normal day
and in those moments a few
I find myself thinking about you

Thursday, 3 April 2014

A cup of tea with the hostile neighbours

Well this happened last month when I had gone to home tutor a child. It was a one-time thing, as a friend of mine insisted me to go in his place. The address was in the worst area of Jankipuram and throughout the journey I was cursing that friend and praying for my Activa’s tire. Soon the hell ride ended as I reached the address and was greeted with a pleasing smile. I was asked to sit and the student came and we were off to books the next minute.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

I walk alone....

I walk alone
amidst this sea
of flesh and limbs
walking with blindfolds
crawling beside me

there are faces
and faces on faces
there are no masks
just smiles to decieve
and promises to kill